Sustainability Pilot Program

As the world grows older and the population increases it is important that communities pull together to recognise the importance of sustainability and are proactive in combating climate change.

Minister and children gardening

A fantastic example of this is the participation in environmental preservation initiated by Chantelle Gibney, Assistant Director at Kinder Haven Moonee Ponds. The educators and children at the centre have become somewhat green ambassadors by participating in a pilot program “ResourceSmart AuSSI Victoria”. 110 children from the centre were involved and educated about environmental issues as resources were put in place.

Some things that the centre has put in place to implement the program include;

  • Water tanks
  • Community garden
  • Solar power
  • Chickens

The program has been implemented in over 1000 schools in Victoria and will be trialed in 9 early childhood centres. Eventually the program will be rolled out on a broader scale in 2015.Minister award

Due to the centre’s participation, Ryan Smith, the Minister for Environment and Climate change visited the Moonee Ponds centre, presenting the children with vegetable seedlings and recycled organic compost to add to the community garden.

As a result of the program the 3-4 year olds have become increasingly enthusiastic about sustainability and educating their family and friends about its importance. As the leaders of our future, this invested interest can only be considered a positive thing.

For their efforts, Kinder Haven Moonee Ponds received a certificate to recognise the time and effort they have taken to become more sustainable.

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