Belonging and Becoming in the Early Years

Following on from last month’s article about the Early Years Learning Framework and the element of Being, this month we are focusing on Belonging and Becoming as part of your child’s development enhanced by Kinder Haven.



An integral part of human existence is understanding where you fit in the world. Relationships are a crucial aspect to gaining a sense of belonging and are developed and nurtured further when children interact with each other, their families and members of the community.

Belonging shapes who children are and who they can become. They can identify themselves by belonging to their family, cultural groups, neighbourhoods and the community. When a child understands that they are part of a group or feel as though they are part of a family you know they have grasped the concept of belonging.

Fun ways of demonstrating this in the curriculum are home corner settings where the children are encouraged to interact with each other and engaging the children in group times by having the educators and parents read stories to the children.

Other strategies that include belonging in your child’s day include being respectful and accepting, engaging and interacting with other children in positive relationships, appreciating the individuality of themselves and others and feeling a sense of security.


Different events and circumstances shape us as individuals during our childhood. By participating actively in society a child can learn through changes in their relationships, knowledge, understandings, identities and skills.

Becoming is all about a child growing up and moving through each stage of early childhood right through to preparing for school.

Becoming can be identified in your child’s day in activities like planting and gardening activities. Becoming is all about children participating fully and actively in society.

Elements of the EYLF curriculum like implementing school readiness, expanding of children’s skills, building foundations for learning, encouraging independence and focusing on a child’s positives all contribute to a child reaching the element of becoming.

The EYLF covers practices, learning outcomes and principles that aim to allow children to expand their horizons and grow up to be confident, caring, clever and well-adjusted beings. Understanding the EYLF will give you peace of mind about your child’s early education alongside their fun filled, nurtured and exciting days of care at Kinder Haven.

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