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Mother’s Day Down Under

This month we’re celebrating Mother’s Day, education week and family’s week.  Traditionally, we look at Mother’s Day to celebrate our own mother or mother-figure directly, but this day of recognition is more than that. So, this month we wanted to look beyond the traditional thinking of mothers and wanted to look at other mother figures […]


Hot Cross Bun’s from Northland Kinder Haven

During our Easter celebrations at Kinder Haven Northland, the Preschool children made Hot cross Buns.  These delicious treats in many historically Christian countries, are plain buns made without dairy products (forbidden in Lent until Palm Sunday) and are traditionally eaten hot or toasted during Lent.  This begins on the evening of Shrove Tuesday (the evening […]


Learning Through Laughter – No Joke

child laughing

April Fools’ Day is celebrated widely throughout Western culture as a time to embrace being a little silly and laugh with your neighbour. While the origin of April Fools’ Day is not certain, the concept links back to a number of historical celebrations including the Roman festival of Hilaria, the Holi festival of India, and […]


Making Dumplings at Essendon Fields

Essendon Fields Dumpling Making

We had a very special guest at Essendon Fields this week, with Oliver’s Mum Tracy coming in to help us celebrate Chinese new year! Oliver is new to our service, & while Oliver was completing his orientation process the week before, Tracy was explaining her traditions with her Family over Chinese new year to us […]


Potato Scone Recipe

This month we decided to embrace our inner leprechaun and whip up some yummy Potato Scones in celebration of St Patricks Day on the 17th of March. These delicious scones are so simple and can be eaten as both sweet and savoury treats! Spoil yourself and your family by making these tasty afternoon tea delicacies. […]