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Early learning for life at Symonston Kinder Haven

Our early learning and long day care centre offers child care in Symonston located in a business park just off Canberra Avenue that is perfect for families living or commuting through Symonston or nearby suburbs Crestwood, Narrabundah, Fyshwick and Harman.

We understand how busy life can be for our families, so we offer a stress-free all-inclusive early education experience to make your life easier. From nutritious meals, nappies, wipes, various extracurricular programs and excursions – this is all included in the daily fee.

Our aim is to build meaningful and secure relationships with our families and children. We believe that our role as early childhood educators is to become an extension of your family; we do this by getting to know our families and working in collaboration with them to provide the best possible programs for the children.

See how we’re learning for life at Symonston Kinder Haven. Book a tour today to see everything our centre has to offer.

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What we offer at Symonston Kinder Haven

Symonston Childcare & Day Care Centre Symonston Daycare & Child Care Near Me
Spacious outdoor play area Nutritious meals
Symonston Child & Day Care Centre Near Me Symonston Preschool & Kindergarten Near Me
Extracurricular programs Preschool program
Kinder Haven Gungahlin daycare near me Kindergarten & Preschool Near Me in Symonston
Fees inclusive: nappies, wipes, meals, programs Daily updates to your phone
  • Qualified team of educators who are dedicated to forming a positive relationship with your family to ensure your child’s learning experience is customised to their individual needs.
  • A holistic play-based curriculum guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for children from nursery through to preschool.
  • Expansive outdoor space that offers different play areas for each age group which feature sandpits, a cubby house, climbing fort, balance beams and more.
  • Fees inclusive of nappies, wipes, bedding, bed linen and freshly made meals.
  • Healthy and nutritious meals prepared daily by our chef. We cater to all dietary requirements.
  • A preschool program taught by a qualified early childhood teacher. The curriculum will assist to prepare your child socially and emotionally for their transition to primary school.
  • Daily photos and updates are provided on our app so you never miss a moment of your child’s learning and development.
  • Specialised programs including Hey Dee Ho music for all age groups and Teddy Tennis for the preschool aged children.
  • We regularly present educational children’s shows and welcome special guests to the centre to extend on the children’s learning.
  • Our educators and children explore our local community with excursions within our neighbourhood and nearby parks.
  • We proudly provide flexible hours (9-hour, 10-hour or full-day sessions) to allow families to make the most out of their Child Care Subsidy.
  • As part of our sustainability program, we have vegetable gardens and chickens which helps teach children a sense of responsibility and connection to the world around them.

Call our Family Support Specialist team today on 1800 413 856 or drop into our centre at your convenience to meet our team and find out more about us.

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Rooms and Facilities

Symonston Kinder Haven provides early education and child care for children from nursery age through to preschool. Each room has been planned and set up to deliver the best early learning experience for your little one.

Our Nursery rooms provide:

  • A homely, safe and secure environment for children to learn through play.
  • Qualified and supportive educators who genuinely care about children’s wellbeing and growth.
  • Activities designed to grow physical and cognitive development, including tummy time, sensory play, music, singing, rhymes and reading.
  • An open-door policy for families that allows them to drop in for a visit, a feed or a play at any time of the day.

Our Toddler rooms offer:

  • Play-based activities including music, movement, memory and construction games that are planned to support sensory-motor and cognitive development.
  • Enhanced social skills and self-confidence through group play.
  • The continuous development of language skills through reading and open-ended questions.
  • Real-life and play-based experiences that allow children to engage in basic literacy and numeracy concepts.

Our Preschool rooms provide:

  • A preschool program with a comprehensive curriculum focused on further developing literacy, numeracy and social skills.
  • Interest-based learning placing children at the helm of their early education experience.
  • Play-based opportunities to further develop social skills and emotional development.
  • A transition-to-school program.

Get the full preschool experience at Kinder Haven

Compared to traditional preschools, we’re open longer from 7:00am – 6:00pm, our program runs 52 weeks of the year and offers up to 5 days per week to truly prepare your child for school.

Our school readiness program is focused on literacy and numeracy through play-based learning and you’ll be able to watch this journey with daily updates via our app. Our curriculum lays the foundations for a successful educational journey through:

  • Science, technology and mathematics
  • Language and literacy
  • Arts and Drama
  • Social and emotional development
  • Family and community partnerships


See how we’re learning for life at Symonston Kinder Haven. Book a tour today to see everything our centre has to offer.

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Centre Manager

Chelsea Petrie

Symonston Childcare Centre Manager - Kinder Haven

I began my career in early childhood education in 2006, and I started at Symonston Kinder Haven in 2021. I have a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

I have been working in early education since I was 14, where I volunteered in my local nursery in England whilst I was working towards my studies. This is when I found my passion and dedication to those Early Years and realised how important those first five years of a child’s life was to their growth, learning and development. From here, I continued to work in early childhood, studied towards my bachelors when I was England, where I further specialised in behavioural management and special educational needs. During my studies, I worked my way from being a trainee in the Toddler room to being a director, where I left the comfort of my home and studied different theorists in America and Vancouver. I spent time in a Montessori Academy in Chicago and a Forest School in Vancouver. These experiences helped expand my own knowledge and further helped me see more of what children are capable of. I further expanded on my knowledge of early education by working in different services that followed different philosophies, such as the Montessori school in Chicago and the Forest School in Vancouver. In 2016, I touched down in Australia, and my learning began again as I worked my way up from an assistant to an educational leader and now a centre manager. My biggest passion about early education is how children think outside the box and keep you on your toes! They are continuously expanding our own knowledge of what toys can be! Is it a rocket, a boat or a car! You never know! I believe we learn more from the children, more than what they learn from us.

Through my experience, I have found a passion, love and dedication to the Early Years, supporting the children through their highs and lows of learning and development. Children should have access to multiple resources and a community of people who care and can help guide them through their life. Children see the world differently each and every day. It is up to us as your child’s educators to be able to expand on your child’s thoughts and interests to support their learning and development with an adaptable mind and the use of loose parts. Children are encouraged to freely experiment with their ideas, interests, and thought processes. They are encouraged to ask what, why, when and how, and are guided through their own research. We as educators walk alongside your child, being that supportive shoulder, as they stumble through their learning journey. We will be there to guide and offer a supportive smile, as they are encouraged to be who they want to be, mistakes and all.

I believe “it takes a village to raise a child”, and this is true of Symonston Kinder Haven. Our educators come from different walks of life and experiences, which support and guide their teaching for a holistic approach. I believe in building on the children’s sense of agency and independence through play-based and enquiry-based learning. Through our play-based approach, children have the opportunity to be who they want to be, whether that be a dance, scientist or anthropologist. We will guide and support them through their learning and development using natural and loose part materials. They will have the opportunity to build on their thoughts, reflect on their questions and be given the tools and resources they will need to become a global citizen.

Attending Symonston Kinder Haven will give your child that opportunity to socialise, grow and learn in different ways. Through the ongoing guidance and support from dedicated, passionate and innovative educators, your children will be given the strongest foundation in their early years to believe in themselves and follow their dreams to be whatever it is they want to be. This provides the children with a social approach with others as they build up their confidence and cooperation while forming relationships where they are encouraged to work as a team. In situations like this, children begin problem-solving and build stronger communication skills. Children will learn lifelong skills, develop good habits, and literacy and numeracy skills in an early childhood setting. When you walk through the doors of Symonston Kinder Haven you’ll be immersed in a world where children are encouraged to explore and learn. Our adventure-filled playgrounds feature a large yard, sandpits, climbing fort, slide, vegetable garden, and play equipment to engage all the senses.

At Symonston Kinder Have, we are blessed to have a dedicated and passionate team of all educational backgrounds who work and grow together for the best interest of your children. Your children will grow, develop, and learn to their full potential through their innovative ideas with messy hands and love and kindness in their hearts. We believe in building a strong foundation of safe, secure, and respectful relationships in our Nursery room and continuing through when they leave. Our doors are always open to our families to come and go as they please and are welcome to drop by for a friendly wave and hello. Your children will learn to be independent, kind, and courteous through our dedicated team. With the multi-cultural team we have, they will be guided on cultural traditions, live and breathe other worlds and be able to explore their creativity and imagination through a range of experiences that will support their natural inquisitive self. We will help them to learn how to express themselves in a wide range of experiences with science, arts, drama and more. Literacy and numeracy concepts are embedded in play-based learning, as children engage as architects, storytellers, scientists, artists, and designers. Who knows what your children will become with the strong foundation we will build with them and you.

Family is the primary caregiver in a child’s life, with which they entrust their initial learning. Our job as your child’s educators is to continue this trusting and secure relationship, not only with your child but you and your family. And that relationship starts with me. My door is always open for you to come and have a chat with a friendly smile. We are here to work as a team for the best outcome for your child. I believe in building those strong relationships from the moment you walk through our doors for a centre tour where we welcome you into our family and look forward to continuing our journey together. I will use our time on our tour and during orientations to support and ease your minds as you bring your children into our care. I will support you every step of the way and will be on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Hear from our families

“My 18-month-old son absolutely loves Kinder Haven in Symonston. The friendly, supportive staff, the multiple large outdoor playgrounds, the vegetable garden with chickens, the delicious food cooked by an in-house cook, and all the games and learning activities he takes part in every day.

The things I love about this childcare centre are the amazing staff, the great facilities, the cleanliness of the centre and the daily photos and updates I receive about my son’s day, aligning his activities with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

I know he is in great hands. He is learning everyday through play and organised sensory activities. It is a fabulous centre and I can’t recommend it highly enough. We are extremely satisfied with his care at Kinder Haven.”

  • Rachael


“Fantastic centre, highly recommended. Exceptional staff that are nurturing, attentive and friendly. Great communication verbally as well as electronically to keep up with the kids day. Management are very approachable and there’s consistency of care due to such a low staff turnover. Both our daughters have been going here since 1yo and have recommended Kinderhaven Symonston to many friends.”

  • Kylie


“I have had my children at Kinderhaven Symonston for nearly 4 years and we could not be happier. All of the staff are kind, caring and responsive and the centre is managed fantastically. Both of my children have very different personalities, one is shy and one is more outgoing, and the staff have always ensured that they treat each child as an individual and in a way that works for that specific child. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

  • Caroline


“We have had our daughter here for over 18 months and are extremely happy with the service. The educators are wonderful and responsive, the facilities excellent and it is run very professionally. My daughter loves going here and feels very safe and at home. I would highly recommend the service to anyone looking for a professional, clean and friendly environment for their child.”

  • Vanessa


“Just started at this daycare and have found them very professional. Their email system is a brilliant way to communicate with busy parents. I have also found all their group leaders and assistants genuinely interested in children. They have excursions to fantastic places. The kids don’t come back hungry either! Have moved from one-day care to come to this one and waiting for more days! Would definitely recommend this centre.”

  • Charrissa


See how we’re committed to growing your child at Symonston Kinder Haven. Book a tour today to see everything our centre has to offer.

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