Our Full, FREE At Home Learning Series

Welcome to a series designed to support you in your parenting role. The At Home series provides you with ideas for engaging with your child when they are at home with you.

Included in this series are activity ideas for you to enjoy with your child and some information for you about education in the important early years. The activities use items you probably have in your home and are designed for you and your child to have fun together.

Play is a child’s work and research shows how engaging in play with your child supports them to develop the brain connectors needed for all future learning. The most important thing you can do for your child’s well-being while you are at home is to take the time to relax together, engage in playful activities and enjoy this new flow to the day.

During the day if your child is engaged in the flow of play you can either interact with them or leave them to play without interruption. Supporting children to develop the skills to independently engage in their own play is important and this also allows you time to concentrate on other tasks.

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Week One

This edition kicks off with activities for sensory play, shared reading, music and movement and physically active play, along with links to high-quality music and literacy content for children to enjoy, and a series of exclusive parent videos from Dr Kaylene Henderson.

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Week Two

This edition continues on activities from Week One, including some wonderful shared reading experiences and an exciting activity to make a ‘Creating Kit’ at home.

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Week Three

This edition opens up the world of mathematics for children through cooking together, while engaging your child with numbers in a fun and exciting way!

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Week Four

This builds on many of the activities from our previous resources to share with your children and includes some exciting new reading experiences, recipes to enjoy making together and music activities to keep little minds learning in all their favourite ways!

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Week Five

This edition features information from Parent TV, the International Play Association, and a series from the Brainwave Trust, especially for families with infants.

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Week Six

This edition includes an exciting ‘monster feet’ activity and creating ‘gratitude cards’ for special people in your child’s life. There are also links to more high-quality music, recipes and literacy experiences.

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