A Sustainable Christmas: 8 decoration ideas from our centres

cute santa made with cups

The festive season is finally upon us, and with the year that we’ve all had, Christmas couldn’t come any sooner.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to be grateful and not take anything for granted – especially our relationships, friendships, and our incredible environment.

The topic of sustainability is a big one in our centres; not only is the art of reuse and recycling great for the environment, but its also fun, and gets our creative juices flowing! If we all start with small changes, it can lead to a significant worldwide impact.

Many of our centres have been thinking about Christmas celebrations through a sustainable lens and have come up with some incredibly creative ideas. Check out their efforts below!

recycled paper christmas trees on window sill

The ‘Box’ Edition

It’s as simple and fun as it looks and sounds. Boxes are perfect for building your Xmas tree (or Santa if you wish)! Simply gather all your spare boxes, such as shoes boxes, printing paper boxes, food boxes or nappy boxes. Then paint them up and decorate them with your favourite recycled bits and bobs – shells, cupcake holders, colourful sand – the options are endless for creating trees, fireplaces and more!

christmas trees made of boxes christmas tree made of old boxes

santa made from old boxes

The Egg Carton Tree

Just like using spare boxes, but this time it’s taken up a notch with egg cartons. We love the extra bit of depth and texture this provides!

christmas tree made from egg carton christmas tree made from egg carton

The Milk Carton Tree

We love this one! A 2D version of the tree up against the wall. Can you create a stacked version of this one?

christmas tree made with milk cartons

The ‘Cappy’ Tree

We love how these reused drink bottle caps double up as tree leaves and lights. Abstract art reimagined, Picasso would be proud!

bottle caps arranged liked achristmas tree

Dried and beautiful

Head out on a little walk around your neighborhood, and you’re bound to find sticks and twigs lying on the ground. Bring them home and spruce them up with your favourite decorations. Use them for mini trees, wind chimes, desk décor and more.

dried twigs decorated iwth christmas baubles Christmas windchime made with twig

The Minimalistic Timber Tree

Do you have a tradie or a little aspiring tradie in the family? Here’s a fun construction project for them. The perfect holiday bonding activity, perhaps?

timber christmas tree

Mr Cuppy, the Snowman

Our favourite creative element from centres! Drinking cups? Check. An old tie? Check! An old shirt? Check. How will you be dressing up your cuppy snowman this year?

cute snowman made with cups

Reindeer Food

As magical as it sounds, but easy to make from household ingredients. Our centre’s reindeer food is made of oats, lentils and a dash of hundreds and thousands – environmentally friendly yet pretty to look at.

reindeer food reindeer food

So, there you have it – our favourite ways to celebrate the festive season whilst being kind to our environment.

If you’ve been inspired by our centres this year, we’d love to see your creations, so tag our centres on social media.

Here’s hoping you have a Merry *Sustainable* Christmas!