Shared reading with your child: The astronaut edition!

We know shared reading experiences with children offer valuable opportunities for them to explore the joy of reading.

Now just imagine being read to by an astronaut – out in space!

Well, here you go. This is Kate Rubins reading ‘Rosie Revere Engineer’ from the International Space Station.



Pause on a place where Astronaut Kate is on screen. Explore the space station – What can we see?

Explore gravity with your child:

  • Why is Astronaut Kate’s hair sticking up?
  • How does she float sideways at the end?
  • Look at what Astronaut Kate does in her work at the end of the story.

Using items in your home, be engineers and build gizmos and gadgets and doohickeys and other great engineering designs!


A Moon of My Own

Who could resist a second story from space, this time from Astronaut Ashley White! Enjoy.



Revisit gravity and watch how Astronaut Ashley can do amazing forward rolls so easily in the air lock. Look at the space suits, why are they so big? What about the helmet on top?

Using items in your home, design and build a space suit. Practice walking like you’re in space without gravity.

Look at the places visited in the story. Find them on Google Maps, in an atlas or on a globe if you have one.

Explore the highlights of each country, you can use Google Images to look at photos from different places in our wide world.